About SaudiCDC

The Saudi Center for Disease Prevention and Control was established in 1434 H by the council of minister resolution number (200) in 19/06/1434, to be one of the health institutions that has responsibility of achieving some of health aspects of the 2030 Vision regarding diseases prevention and control, within the health service system in the kingdom. The center concerns on to monitor and control communicable and non-communicable diseases and promote health across Saudi Arabia.

The center works on achieving many goals that includes prevent and control communicable and non-communicable disease, injuries and other threats for health. Monitor, measure and evaluate population health and related risk factors in Saudi Arabia to inform policies and programs. Also, foster the next generation of Saudi public health experts, Finally, the center will be a reference authority for public health.

The center has a public health laboratory that includes a number of specialized laboratories that serve multiple goals including detecting infection diseases, neglected tropical diseases, antimicrobial resistance, influenza, respiratory diseases and other specialties. The public Health Laboratory aims to improve the public health through researches, studies, and applied scientific experiences to prevent and control communicable and non-communicable diseases, know their causes, and support plans and strategies preparation for intervention in epidemic situations.

The center also plays an important role in preventing the communicable diseases that threatens the public health through continuous monitoring for number of cases, risk assessment, activate programs and plans to eradicate them.

The center taken responsibility of reducing the death and disability rates by spreading awareness and positive impact on the health behavior of the individuals and societies. Also, to enable all society segments to control their health, prevent all diseases causes and improve the work environment.
Thus, the center works to promote the public health and reduce diseases for a kingdom free from diseases.

Our Vision

To achieve a Healthier Life for All and become an international leader in Public health.

Our Mission

Ensuring a state of well-being and the reduction in burden of disease through regulations, data-driven interventions and collaboration with stakeholders.

Our Values
  • Transparency
  • Proactiveness & Responsiveness
  • Equity
  • People-centered
  • Team Spirit

Our Responsibilities

The Saudi Center for Disease Prevention and Control serves the public by working to monitor, measure, evaluate, control, and prevent any risk factors related to the public health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including communicable and noncommunicable diseases, injuries, and other health challenges.

We do this by presenting innovation and evidence-based solutions, preparing a generation of public health and health education experts for practice, and acting as a resource for all health initiatives intended to promote wellness in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In order to support our objectives, we pledge to focus on the following services:

  • Conducting research and studies in the field of wellness promotion.
    Monitoring and following diseases on a national and international level, and creating a database and exchanging information with international health organizations.
  • Coordination with the appropriate authorities in devising plans, rules and regulations, as well as programs in the field of wellness promotion.
  • Defining health problems and creating a national health register, using the results of research and data from other national databases.
  • Acting as a national resource for detection and diagnosis of communicable and non-communicable diseases.
  • Cooperation with the appropriate centres and authorities, both inside the Kingdom and abroad, for the promotion of wellness in addition to the prevention and control of diseases.
  • Supervising health awareness and health education programs in the field of public health, with the cooperation of the private sector and various sectors of the community.
  • Encouraging and maintaining legislation that promotes wellness and limits the spread of unhealthy habits.

Our Departments

Surveillance & Preparedness

Communicable Diseases

Non-Communicable Diseases

Health Improvement & Promotion

Healthy Environments & Communities

Public Health Labs